Wake Up Your Windows With New Printed Roller Shades

What comes to mind when you think about roller shades? Perhaps you imagine the dark green roller shades that were common in homes when you were growing up or the plain white roller shades often used in offices or businesses. Fortunately, printed roller shades have replaced the boring shades of the past and are a great way to wake up your windows. 

White-to-street compliance   

You can choose printed roller shades in any design you want but have them made with a white backing. This will make your blinds look attractive from the outside while you enjoy your fun or colorful design inside. You will not have to worry about breaking any white-to-street rules that are required in certain homeowner's associations.

Design style with a practical side

You can still have popular elements built into your roller shades if desired, such as blackout, light filtering, or solar features. You get to enjoy these practical features without sacrificing color and design style. For instance, you can choose a cute baby print for the nursery but still help your little one sleep soundly with roller shades that block out light.

Perfect for odd-shaped windows

Having custom blinds or drapes made for large or unusual windows can get costly. Printed roller shades may be a less expensive option for those windows that are not in a standard size or have an unusual shape. Your windows will look amazing without costing a fortune.

Add a splash of color to a room

If your room is painted in white, off-white, or light gray, choosing roller shades in a bold color can add a pleasing pop of contrast to the room. This is also helpful if you want to draw attention to your windows to highlight a unique architectural feature in the window design. Likewise, in a bold-painted room, you can use neutral roller shades to soften the room. 

Make a decorating statement

You can have custom-printed roller shades designed to show off whatever you are passionate about, such as a hobby or your favorite sport. This makes for a great conversation piece. It also gives you a chance to allow your personality to shine through in your interior design.

With the wide variety of designs you can find in roller shades, you can bring any window to life with bold colors or a fun print if desired. Printed roller shades give you total control of how you want your windows to look because the options really are unlimited. From the kitchen to the bedroom, printed roller shades are a decorator's dream.