Clothing Care Through A Full-Service Laundry Facility

A full-service laundry facility offers coin-operated washers and dryers and a fluff-and-fold service. If your laundry needs vary from time to time, stop by a full-service business and find out how they provide a wide range of services that will keep your wardrobe in impeccable shape.

Plenty Of Space

A full-service laundromat may feature rows of washers and dryers, tables, chairs, and an attendant's area. Plenty of space is the first thing you should seek when choosing where your laundry needs will be met. If you will be headed to town to do some grocery shopping or run another errand, you may have no qualms about stopping off at a local laundromat and placing your laundry inside of one of the coin-operated units.

A facility that offers varying washer and dryer sizes will ensure that you are able to customize each of your washing and drying sessions, based on the amount of clothing that needs to be laundered and dried.

Commercial Equipment For Fluff-And-Fold Services

A laundry facility that offers a fluff-and-fold service may have commercial washers and dryers that are designated solely for this service. If an attendant is on duty while the coin-operated equipment is available for the public to use, there is a good chance that the attendant will be manning a counter where customers can purchase soap products and other laundry essentials. They will also be overseeing the fluff-and-fold services and monitoring the commercial equipment that is needed for laundering and drying purposes.

A laundry facility owner will provide you with details about the exact manner in which a customer's clothing will be washed and dried. They will also provide you with information about how you can drop off and pick up laundry or have it delivered to your home, once it has been cleaned, dried, and folded. Pricing will be dependent upon clothing types and clothing weights.

Care Techniques

Deciding whether to use fabric softener or determining how much detergent to add to a washer may not be everyone's strong suit. If you don't like sorting laundry or picking out the products needed to care for your laundry, leave it up to the attendant who will be providing a fluff-and-fold service. A laundry expert is someone who has been trained to identify fabric types that require special care. An attendant will sort your laundry and use quality products to clean and soften fabrics.

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