Things To Consider When Looking For Promotional Calendars For Business Or Organization

Custom imprinted wall calendars can be an excellent medium for promoting your business. Calendars have some unique properties that you can take advantage of. They are commonly hung in businesses, homes, and offices, so they constantly remind your business throughout the entire year. 

Wall Calendars

Custom imprinted wall calendars typically carry the name and contact info of your business on the top or bottom of the calendar and can come in many different sizes and styles. There are large calendars with a full year on one sheet of paper or more traditional styles with images on each month. 

The style you use for your business often depends on the type of business you offer people and your preferences. A photo calendar can be great to show your work if you provide a physical service, but it is a little more expensive and requires some time to plan. 

For a photography business, photo calendars allow you to market specific types of photos. Still, a business like a landscaper or a car customizer could benefit from the same kind of marketing for their services by featuring a completed project on a custom imprinted wall calendar. 

Buying Your Calendars

When considering custom imprinted wall calendars for your marketing, working with a print shop to create them is typically easiest. Some online vendors will print the calendars, and in both cases, all you need to do is provide the pictures and information for the imprinting. 

Most calendar printing services will price the calendars by the number you order. If you are considering giving custom imprinted wall calendars away to customers, you can order a large batch in advance at a lower price, so you have plenty on hand. Reordering additional calendars if you run out may not qualify for the same price break, but ask the printer about this specifically to know if you should order a larger amount upfront or reorder if you run low.

Other Calendars

While custom imprinted wall calendars offer the most flexibility for most people, you may want to consider other options like desk calendars or small stick-on calendars. Some people don't have space on the wall for the larger calendar but could put one on their desk or stick one to the dash in a truck. 

These smaller calendars can share the same custom imprinting as the larger ones but offer another way to keep your business in front of your clients, so they remember you first when they need your services. You may also want to send calendars to potential clients to introduce your business to them, and most people like free stuff, so sending them a calendar could be a solid marketing option.