Pulling Your Well's Water Pump For A Replacement

If your home relies on a water well, you might eventually need to have the pump for the system replaced. As part of this process, the well's pump may have to be pulled out of the well so the new one can be installed.

Be Aware Of The Intense Weight And Extreme Depth Of A Well Water Pump

Many homeowners will make the mistake of failing to realize the extreme difficulties that can accompany pulling the pump out of the well. For example, these pumps can be extremely heavy, and this can make it extremely difficult to lift without the risk of suffering injuries during this process. In addition to the intense weight of the pump, your well may be designed so that the pump is located deep below ground. This could greatly complicate the process of removing it. Luckily, there are water pump pullers that will have the equipment to safely and effectively lift the pump out of the ground.

Consider Whether The Well Should Be Capped

If you are not planning to use the water well in the future, you should consider having it capped after the pump is removed. This will avoid the risk of individuals or animals falling down the well shaft, and most communities will require abandoned wells to be fully capped. If you are needing to have a new well drilled, the contractor may be able to handle the capping of the old well before they start work on drilling the new one.

Hire A Professional Contractor To Install The New Well Pump

In many instances, you will plan to continue using the well but simply need to have the pump replaced. Unfortunately, the process of installing a new pump can be extremely challenging and complicated. This is due to the need to connect the well pump to the water storage tank. Mistakes with this process could lead to a significant leak developing with the well system. Eventually, this may destabilize the well shaft by eroding the surrounding soil. Furthermore, this could have the result of decreasing the ability of the well system to meet your home's water needs.

Replacing the pump for your water well can be an essential project if you are to keep your home supplied with water. As you are preparing to undertake this project for your house, you will want to appreciate the difficulties of removing a well from the ground, considering whether to cap the well and the benefits of having a professional install and configure the new pump.