Tips When Using Mardi Gras Beads For Marketing Purposes

Mardi Gras is a special event that many celebrate by handing out beads. That gives your business a great marketing opportunity because you can hand these beads out and promote your services or products. You'll see great results if you do these things when handing out these special beads.

Brand Appropriately

Instead of handing out generic Mardi Gras beads during these festivities, you should take this opportunity to brand them to promote what your company does.

You could put your company's logo or name on the beads. Then whoever receives them can see where they got the beads from and then you could see repeat business without having to spend a bunch of money.

Or maybe all you have to do is put your company's colors on them. Just do something that sets the beads apart and makes recipients realize where they came from. 

Buy in Bulk

The best way to save money on Mardi Gras beads is to buy them in bulk. This also gives you an easy way to stock up on them, which is important if your company is always involved in Mardi Gras festivities in some capacity.

You shouldn't have any issues finding bulk beads at discounted prices from suppliers. That's a better way of approaching this form of marketing instead of buying beads in smaller sets. You'll just want to plan for where you're going to store these beads, especially if you're ordering a lot at one time.

Come Up With a Handing-Out Policy

Once you have beads ordered for Mardi Gras, your company wants to figure out how you're going to hand them out. That will make it much more enjoyable for both your company and the potential recipients that get them.

You could hand beads out to those that do something funny or maybe show how excited they are for the festivities. Just figure out the handing-out protocol so that this experience goes over in a memorable way. 

Also, the recipient that does something special to receive the beads will probably remember this experience more and your company and that's great in getting them to become a customer. 

Handing out beads during Mardi Gras is a great way for businesses to take part in a rich tradition and potentially attract new customers. If you figure out bead aesthetics, how you're handing them out, and ways to save money, these party favors will have a dramatic impact on how your company attracts customers during Mardi Gras. 

For more tips, contact a local Mardi Gras beads supplier.