Four Methods For CBD Oil Delivery

CBD oil is used to treat a variety of ailments, from arthritis and muscle aches to anxiety and PTSD. Regardless of your reasons for using this product, it's important to know how to take it. There are four main delivery methods that have been proven effective.

1. Ingestion

CBD oil comes in a variety of edible packages, from simple pills to candies and sweets. Many people prefer this delivery method because there are no possible harmful side effects. Pills provide the most simple method and can be taken as part of the daily dietary supplement routine, while edibles are more useful for those that have issues swallowing pills whole. There are also beverages with CBD oil, which may be easier to ingest for those that have difficulty chewing. Gummies are another favorite digestible method, in part because of the range of flavors available.

2. Vaping

For some, ingesting isn't an option -- particularly if the CBD oil is being used for nausea issues. In this case, fast acting inhalation methods are often preferred. Vaporizers, typically in the form of slim vape "pens," are commonly available. The oil comes in a cartridge, which is simply screwed into the pen. There are also vaping "rigs" which have a larger battery and an oil reservoir. Unlike pens, rigs do not have premade cartridges. Instead, you purchase the oil separately and refill the reservoir in the rig yourself.

3. Topical

Another option, particularly for those that prefer not to vape, is topical applications. Topical applications are most often used for pain management, such as tension, sore muscles, and arthritis. The oil may come in a lotion, cream, or ointment, which you can then rub into your skin at the affected site. There are also topical versions that come in the form of lip balm, which are used for anxiety and other mental health reasons.

4. Sublingual

If fast acting is the main quality you are looking for in your CBD oil, then sublingual options may be the best choice. These come in drops or quick-dissolves tablets. They are placed underneath the tongue, where the active ingredients in the CBD are quickly absorbed into your blood stream via the network of mucus membranes in the area. More of the active components are also delivered to the body, since they are not filtered out by the digestive or respiratory system.

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