Things To Do Before Hiring An Excavation Contractor To Dig A Space For Your New Pool

To have an in-ground swimming pool installed on your property, you will need to have an excavation crew come out to dig a big hole. In fact, this is one of the first and most important steps of having a pool installed. Before you have an excavation contractor come out and dig space for your new pool, you'll need to follow these steps.

Choose the Size and Placement of Your Pool

Before you can hire anyone to come in and help with this project, and before you can actually get accurate quotes for your pool installation project, you will need to determine how big your pool will be, what its shape will be, and where you want it. Think carefully before making this decision to ensure that you're happy with where your pool is located in the long term.

Check for Utility Lines

All sorts of problems could arise if your excavation crew hits any power lines while digging. Therefore, you'll want to find these areas and mark them off so that they can be avoided during the installation process.

Make Room

After you have picked a spot for your pool, you will need to make room for the excavation crew to come in and remove the grass and dirt from this area. If you have any plants in this area of your property, you may want to try to transplant them to another area. You should move children's toys and other items so that the area is nice and clear when the excavation crew arrives with their equipment.

Determine What You Will Do With the Dirt

When a big hole is dug in your yard for your new pool, you will be left with a big pile of dirt after the fact. Some companies will haul this dirt away for you if you want them to. Alternatively, you could figure out what to do with it yourself. Some people use it to create flowerbeds or to fill in any unwanted holes on their property. Some sell it or give it away to those who are willing to come and pick it up. You will probably want to start thinking about what you will do with the dirt now so that you won't be left wondering what to do with it after the digging is finished.

If you're hiring an excavation contractor to dig a space for your new pool, take the steps above first. Then, you'll know that you are prepared for your pool installation.

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