3 Things To Keep Out Of Your Hobby Farm's Water Well To Protect The Life Of Your Well Pump

When you operate a hobby farm, water is going to naturally be one of your most valuable resources, and many hobby farms owners choose to rely on wells on the property either instead of or in addition to publicly supplied water. If your farm relies on water wells to function, protecting these water sources becomes a very important thing for the health of your livestock or crops. However, there are also things that you have to keep out of your well to preserve the life of the well pumps you are using. Here is a look at a few things to keep out of your farm's water wells to protect the costly well pumps. 

Grass Clippings and Landscape Debris 

Mowing and landscaping your hobby farm is going to be a natural part of taking care of your property, but you do not want grass clippings and other landscape debris ending up inside of your water well. This debris can get entrapped inside of the well pump and make it have to work harder just to pull water up from the well and into a holding tank. Wells that have a lot of debris in the water tend to have pump failures far more often than a well-protected water well with a good cover. 

Animals and Pests 

If animals or pests get inside of your well, it can cause a lot of problems for your well pump. Not only can something like a raccoon or small rodent chew up the wires on your pump, but they can also get caught in the well and contaminate your water source. Likewise, if you get bugs and small pests inside of your water well, it can make it harder for the pump to function because the insects can get caught in the lines. Make sure you keep a proper cover on your well to thwart problems with animals and pests. 

Chemical Agents from Other Hobby Farm Processes

If you are using certain chemicals on your hobby farm, you will have to be careful that you do not allow these agents to get inside your well. The wrong type of chemicals will, of course, be bad for your water supply, but these agents can also create issues with your well pump. For example, something like a basic bug killer you are using on your crops could have a corrosive agent in it that would cause the pump's components to deteriorate. 

For more information on residential water well pumps, contact an installation service in your area.