3 Things You Need To Know About Vinyl Storage Sheds

If you need some extra storage space, and you have available space on your property, you can purchase and install a vinyl storage shed on your property. A vinyl storage shed will give you the storage space you need, without having to rent out a storage unit that you have to drive and haul your stuff to and from. The Duramax vinyl storage sheds offer a high level of convenience.

Vinyl Sheds Color Options

Vinyl sheds are usually sold in neutral colors, such as an eggshell color. If you want a pop of color on your vinyl shed, you can look into the more expensive models that add stylistic elements such as windows and shutters to the sheds, which tend to come in a wider variety of colors.

Vinyl Sheds Are Customizable

When you order a vinyl shed, you get the basics. You get all the material needed for the walls and roof of the shed. You even get a floor with the shed. However, if you want to add any hooks or shelves to the shed, those are optional add-ons to your order. You can add hooks and shelves to your order when you purchase your shed, or you can get your shed, set it up, see what you need, and then order shelves and hooks, and install them on your own.

Vinyl Sheds Should Not be Painted

Vinyl sheds are crafted so that they do not have to be painted. This makes taking care of the sheds really easy. However, if you decide you want to paint the shed, you need to use paint that is designed to be applied over PVC material. Keep in mind that if you paint your shed, you are adding to the maintenance required to keep your shed looking great. If you leave the shed as is, the color will stay consistent for years without the need to paint your shed at all.

Vinyl Sheds Need a Foundation

You don't want to just construct your vinyl shed on the ground. Instead, you want to construct your vinyl shed on a solid foundation. You can build a plywood foundation or you can have a contractor create a cement foundation for your shed. Most vinyl shed companies also sell a foundation kit that you can use.

Most foundation kits require you to purchase some extra materials to complete the kit, but all the information on what you need to purchase and how to put it together is included in the kit.

If you need some extra storage space on your own property, a vinyl shed is a great solution. They come in neutral color options, are customizable, and easy to take care of.