Securing Your Firearms For Safety And Their Protection

When you own firearms of any kind, securing them in a way that keeps them accessible to you but out of the hands of others is important. There are a lot of ways to make sure that the firearms you own are not within the reach of kids or people that should not handle them and protect them from damage as well. Depending on the type and size of the firearms own, there are solutions that will fit your needs.

Installing A Permanent Gun Safe

Installing a gun safe in your home can be handled in many different ways but if you want one that cannot be removed, a large safe, built into a closet or wall might be the best option. The safe can be moved into the home and bolted to the floor than walls constructed around it, leaving just the door open for access to the contents inside. Putting a safe in a closet with this method is a good way to keep it out of sight but at the safe time accessible should you need to get into it in a hurry.

Safes For Small Arms

If you are securing handguns in your home but don't have a large collection or any long guns, you might want to choose a smaller safe that you could put on a shelf in a closet or other location that is out of sight. Like the larger safes, these smaller units can be installed permanently in a wall or other spot in the home. Most of them are heavy so if you wanted the safe in the wall, you will need to build a strong and solid platform for it to be secured to so if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, you might want to call in a contractor to help you and give you a professional finished look when you are done.

Single Gun Security Safes

While a large safe may be the right fit for collectors or owners of multiple gun collections, if you own just one handgun for home defense, you might want to consider a single gun safe with a biometric lock to secure your gun. These low profile safes are perfect on a closet shelf when you can reach it but it can not be tampered with. The locks allow you to open it very quickly should you need to and keep people out that should not need access to the gun. Visit your local gun shop or dealer to take a look at these options and determine which is the best fit for your situation.