Point Of Sale System Features You Might Find Useful

When you open your new shop, one thing you'll need is a good point of sale system. Even if you have a small amount of inventory and don't expect to make many sales, you'll need a way to accept credit cards and track your sales. There are a few different systems you can use in your shop depending on your individual needs. Here are some useful features you may want to look for when comparing your options.

A Mobile Card Reader

Different point of sale systems have different card readers. If you'll only make sales in your store at a fixed checkout location, then you may not be picky about the type of card reader you choose. However, if you plan to set up a booth at local events, then you'll want a small, portable card reader. These may connect to a tablet so the screen is small and mobile too. You may even be able to use the card reader with a smartphone. Whether you want to accept credit cards in your store or when you're on the go, you'll want a reader with the latest chip technology so your customers' information is secure.

Inventory Tracking

A good point of sale system is more than just a way to take credit cards. It can also track your inventory so you always know when it's time to reorder stock. The system can notify you after a certain amount of sales so you can reorder before you run low. Inventory tracking is essential if you sell a variety of items and keep a large inventory on hand. However, even if you have a small inventory, automatic tracking is helpful. You'll be able to run reports that show you the status of your inventory and which items are hot sellers. An automated system saves a lot of time, especially if you run your shop by yourself.

Customer Marketing

You can even use the system to collect information on your customers for further marketing. You might collect emails or physical addresses so you can contact your customers about future sales or new additions to your inventory. This is an effective way to gain repeat business and save on your marketing costs, especially if you send notices by email. Your system may even generate customer loyalty rewards or coupons for current customers to use. Offering customer-only coupons is a good incentive for getting email addresses from your customers.

Point of sale systems have a variety of functions. You may not need advanced features when first opening your shop if you want to keep costs low. In that case, your main concern may be with a basic card reader. However, you may eventually find it useful to use a system that helps you manage your customers and your inventory or that integrates with accounting and payroll software for increased accuracy and convenience.