Dream Of A Floating Home? Consider These Houseboat Ownership Issues

If you enjoy traveling, the idea of living in a houseboat year-round probably sounds fantastic. The freedom to set sail whenever you please and avoid some of the maintenance tasks that land homes can have is indeed an attractive choice. However, preparing yourself for such a life is essential if you want to truly love your life on the water. Your houseboat experience will require that you consider these issues before buying.

1. Your Loan

A reason to seek a floating permanent home could be that you're trying to save money. It's true that, in many cases, a houseboat is more affordable than a regular house on land. Many houseboat owners pay with cash from their savings to avoid debt. If you plan to keep your savings for other costs, though, you'll need a boat loan.

Because your plan is to live on the boat all the time, lenders are likely to ask you to have a marine survey conducted. This will involve inspections of the hull and other boat components so you're well aware of the true present condition of the boat and what adjustments could be needed.

A troublesome marine survey might cause problems with your boat loan; if you know you're buying an older, outdated boat, it could be better to attend to repairs or ask the seller to handle them before you talk with lenders.

2. Moorage Fees  

You'll require a place to keep your boat unless you plan to sail it all the time. Marinas are the ideal spot for moorage, as they can supply wi-if service, telephone service, satellite television service and other amenities. Inspect different marinas in the area so you can ensure room is available for your boat and that you can afford whatever moorage fees they ask for. In fact, moorage fees may affect how much you're willing to spend on the houseboat itself.

3. Fuel fees

As someone using the boat as a home, you're likely to use boat fuel regularly. Remember that boat fuel is generally more costly than vehicle fuel, so you may need to consider your finances or be honest about the amount of boat travel you'll think of doing regularly.

4. Other Costs

Remember boat covers, cleaning supplies, repair costs and other needs which could arise as you own a houseboat. Speak with houseboat owners to understand what your maintenance costs could look like.

Houseboats can be peaceful, fun and unique permanent homes. These details can ensure your'e a prepared owner. Click here to learn more.