Pressure Wash Your Home's Siding Regularly To Keep It Looking New

Depending on the type of siding you have on your home, pressure washing it a couple times a year can really help the appearance of the home. Make sure the siding on your home can stand up to the pressure generated by a pressure washer before you start. Carving designs into the wooden siding on your home is not the idea. Getting the dirt off is.

Renting A Pressure Washer

Most people will not have a pressure washer just sitting around waiting to be used for cleaning up around the yard but if you do, you will not need to rent one. If you don't have a pressure washer, take a look at what your local equipment rental company has in the way of portable pressure washer that will do the job. Discuss the job with the rental company so that they have a clear picture of the size machine you will need to get the work done properly.

Tips For Washing The Exterior Of Your Home

Before you fire up the pressure washer, you need to take into consideration a few things. Walk around your home and look for any obstacles in the yard that might make it hard to get to the siding. Cover exterior electrical boxes and if you have a lot of plants around the home, it is best to cover that so they don't get debris on them that could damage them  Set the pressure washer to a medium pressure and keep it moving over the surface of the siding. You do not want to strip the paint off the house of damage the siding with the pressure of the machine. If you think the exterior of your home may have been painted with lead paint, do not pressure wash it.

Other Uses For A Pressure Washer

If you have cleaned the siding and you still have some time on the rental, you can use the pressure washer to clean the driveway before your return it, You could also use the pressure washer to strip peeling paint from your home in preparation for painting it. If you use it this way, you need to be careful because it can easily strip the paint and carve lines into the wood, so keep the gun/wand moving over the surface. You just want to strip the loose paint off and you will more than like need to scrape the paint after the pressure washing is done. Also be sure you let the siding dry well before painting it. You do not want to seal that moisture in the wood sd mold and rot issues can start to creep in very quickly.  

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