Tips For Selling Your Old Catalytic Converter For Metal Scrap

Catalytic converters are a popular item for scrap metal recycling. They're easy to deal with, and they can be valuable if you handle them properly. If you have one from a recent replacement, this is the time to start thinking about finding a scrap metal dealer to sell it to. If you've never done it before, you may not be sure what you need to do to get it ready. Here are a few tips to help you get the most for your old catalytic converter.

The Vehicle Details Make A Difference

In order to get the most accurate quote for scrapping your converter, the metal scrap yard needs to know what vehicle it's from. That's because the construction and metal content can vary from vehicle to vehicle. By having the make, model, and year information for the car it came out of, you'll get quotes specific to that converter. Your catalytic converter may even have a serial number stamped on the side. If it does, that serial number can provide valuable information to the metal scrap yard.

Original Equipment Is Worth More

If this is the first time the catalytic converter has been replaced in your car, that means the one you have to scrap is original equipment, which is a part that comes straight from the car manufacturer. Replacement catalytic converters, referred to as aftermarket parts, aren't as valuable as original equipment.

The price difference is due to the variation of the precious metal content. Auto manufacturers and factories have specific standards that must be met when they are producing catalytic converters, but aftermarket part manufacturers do not have to meet those same standards. As a result, most aftermarket catalytic converters have a lower precious metal content, which lowers their core metal value.

If you're not sure whether the catalytic converter in your car is original or aftermarket, look at the converter itself. If there's a silver shield around it with an arrow stamped on it, that's an indication that it's an aftermarket part, not original equipment.

Leave The Catalytic Converter Fully Intact

Some people think that they should clear the honeycomb material out of the inside of the converter before they scrap it. If you do this, you're actually going to cost yourself money. A lot of precious metal is concentrated in that structure, and you'll lose a lot of the value by removing it. In addition, it's important for scrap yards to see the entire structure intact in order to be sure of what type of catalytic converter it is. You can trim the steel exhaust pipes from either end of the unit, but don't mess with the internal structure if you want to get the best value for it when you scrap it.

With these tips, you can approach the metal scrap process with confidence. Catalytic converters are a common item to sell for metal scrap, and getting the value for it can help offset the cost of the new one. Visit a site like for more help.