Six Festive Ideas For Your 'Welcome-Home' Party

Planning to welcome home a student, soldier, or loved one? Throw them a 'welcome-home' party! Use some clever and celebratory suggestions to create a unique venue, as well as a meaningful event.

Six festive ideas for your homecoming are:

  1. A big banner. The first thing that you need for a party is a big, bold banner; look for printing venues online that will custom-create the perfect sign for your event. Vinyl is an excellent option when working with your printer, as it is weather-resistant and will last for future events. Consider clever messages that could be used again, later on.
  2. Parking assistance. Nothing is worse than showing up for an event, and there is no-place to park. Solve this conundrum for your guests by offering parking assistance during your party. Have an attendant outside to direct traffic or use signs to indicate the parking spots for guests as they arrive.
  3. Clever take-aways. Give guests something to take-away from your party, and that symbolizes the underlying reason for the get-together. For example, imprint goodie-bags with the guest-of-honor's photograph, and fill with some of his or her favorite treats. Make sure to add the date of the event to make the bags even more distinctive.
  4. An outdoor screening. Pull together favorite photos, images, and video for a screening at your party. Use a projector and display the pictures during your entire event; set it up outside, weather-permitting, on the side of your house, garage, or other surface. You can also hang up a sheet or tarp for projection.
  5. Self-serve food stations. Keep things casual by allowing guests to serve themselves refreshments. Situate self-serve food and drink stations so friends and family can enjoy whatever they wish, however they want. This also cuts-down on the amount of serving staff you will need at your party; just make sure you have help refilling and stocking the stations as needed throughout the affair.
  6. Messages from away. A great idea that could bring a smile or even a tear is to offer the guest-of-honor some messages from away. Plan ahead and ask friends, coworkers, or loved ones to record messages and greetings- especially those that live away. This could be written messages that you contain in a decorative bottle, or you could collect video and play them on a loop during the event.

Try these six tips to pull-off a homecoming bash that will honor and humble your loved one. Whether welcoming a soldier home from active duty or greeting a family member that moved nearby, these party ideas will exude an inviting air to your festivities. For more information, contact companies like Davis Sign Co.