3 Tips To Make Your Upcoming Move As Easy As Possible

Moving is notorious for being a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. As long as you plan ahead, get the right supplies, and put together a game plan, your upcoming move can be low-stress, efficient, and as easy as possible. Here are three tips for making this happen:

Buy The Right Moving Supplies 

Spending a bit of time and money purchasing the right moving supplies will mean your move is much more organized, while also helping to ensure that your valuables are protected and none of your belongings are damaged. It's important to purchase sturdy moving boxes, instead of relying on free boxes that may not be durable enough to safely hold your belongings. Purchasing your boxes in bulk also helps make your move easier, because the boxes will be uniform in shape and size, making it much easier to pack your moving truck.

You will also need rolls of bubble wrap, packing tape, large labels to ensure your belongings are easily identified in your new home, and protective pads for your furniture. 

Hire Professional Movers

One of the keys to a stress-free move is knowing which jobs you should delegate to professionals, and the actual moving is definitely on the top of that list. Professional movers are simply much more efficient, quick, and capable of safely moving your belongings to your new home than whatever friends you can wrangle into spending their day off helping out.

Movers are trained in efficient and safe moving techniques, and are also insured so your belongings are protected. If you want to make your move even less stressful, you can also splurge on professional packers to carefully yet quickly box up all of your belongings.

Pack Items You'll Need Right Away Separately

Set aside items you know will need the first night in your new home, and pack these separately, whether in a box, a storage tub, or in a suitcase. Once packed, arrange to keep these items with you during the move instead of being loaded onto the back of the truck. After a long day of moving, it will be much easier to get settled in when you can quickly access your toiletries, pajamas, clean sheets and towels, bed pillows, coffee maker, and basic kitchen and bathroom items.

By following these tips, you will be able to ensure that your move goes as well as possible, without leading to unnecessary stress.