5 Questions To Ask To Find The Right Senior Grocery Shopping Service

If you are a senior living on your own, you may benefit from some senior assistance services. One of the more common senior assistance services is grocery delivery. Help with grocery shopping can be necessary if you find it difficult to navigate grocery aisles to get products, if you are unable to drive yourself, or if you have difficulty organizing and remembering your grocery lists. However, there are many types of grocery services available in most areas. Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine your needs.  

Do you want a companion shopping service or a grocery delivery service?

You should start by narrowing down whether you are looking for a companion service or a delivery service. Many seniors want to be able to go to the store and make decisions while they are there. A companion service will drive you to the grocery store and help you navigate the aisles. They may help you reach for items beyond your reach or pick up heavier items They will then drive you home and help you unload your groceries and put them away. 

However, if you are unable to go to the grocery store or if you do not want to, you can opt for a delivery service. With delivery services, you fill out a shopping list and the service fills your order and delivers the groceries to your home. 

How often will you require your service? 

Most shopping services will accommodate your shopping schedule. However, some smaller services with a high client load will be unable to offer multiple shopping trips each week. If you need bi-weekly or weekly shopping services, you may want to work with a larger company or find a company with a smaller client list that can take on your needs. When you sign up for your shopping services, make sure that the company has the availability to fulfill your orders on a schedule that is convenient for you. 

Will you need emergency shopping trips? 

Each service has different ways for you to place your orders. Some services require 24 hours of notice while others follow a strict weekly schedule. If you will need occasional emergency trips, you should make sure these are available. While many companies offer short-notice or emergency services, you should pay special attention to the extra fees you will incur if you regularly need emergency shopping services. 

Are you able to use a computer to place your order?

Most shopping services require you to place your order online. Some services simply have you email a shopping list while others have a selection of items that you can choose from. Some even allow you to scan the bar codes of your favorite items with your smart phone to make placing your order simple and quick. If you are not comfortable using a computer or smart phone, you will need a service that allows you to place phone orders or will send an associate to help you create and maintain your shopping list. 

Are you able to put your food away? 

Some services offer curb or door service while others put in the extra effort to put your groceries away in the correct cupboards. Most companies offer a range of services, so you can choose if you want to pay extra for a full service package or save some money by putting away your groceries on your own. If you order full service shopping, you will need to be home when the groceries are delivered or you will need to leave a key accessible for your shoppers. 

Knowing your exact shopping needs will help you find an affordable shopping service that meets your needs.