Things To Know About Auto Window Tinting

Prior to having your car's windows tinted, you should have a basic awareness of the tinting process and what to expect from this customization. To help you with being an informed consumer when having your windows tinted, you should learn about a few key points regarding this vehicle upgrade:

Auto Glass Tinting Is Safe For Your Windows

It is frequently thought that having a window tint applied will be extremely damaging to the glass.  In fact, there are many people that assume the tint will be a permanent addition that can not be removed in the future. However, these tints are typically installed by placing a film on the glass that contains pigments and chemicals for reflecting or absorbing the sun's harmful light. Due to the fact that this tint is only a film that is applied with an adhesive, it will be possible for you to have the tint removed in the future if you change your mind about it.

Some Areas Have Limits On The Shade Of Tint That Is Allowed

When you are choosing a tint for your vehicle, you may want to review the local laws for your state and city. There are some communities that have laws in place governing the use of auto glass tints. Prior to having a tint installed, checking these laws for your area will allow you to the limit of tinting that you can do to your auto glass.

Normal Window Cleaner Can Be Damaging To Tints

Cleaning your auto glass is something that will have to be done on a fairly regular basis due to the debris that can accumulate on it and the safety hazards this can create. However, if your car has tinted windows, you must be mindful of the chemicals that are used in cleaning the windows. Ammonia can cause tints to become light purple or green, which can decrease their performance or aesthetics. Avoiding damaging your new int through this way will require you to use a gentle cleaner that does not utilize bleach or ammonia. Most auto supply retailers will sell auto glass cleaner that is suitable for use on tinted windows.

If you are currently considering tinting your auto glass, you must be prepared for the care and decisions that will be needed for these customizations. After you learn the key facts that these tints will not harm your glass, some communities have limits on the maximum amount of tinting that can be done and the hazards of using glass cleaner that is not formulated for use on tinted auto glass.

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