Ergonomic Desks For Tech Reception And Lobby Areas

Does your business need to show their technical prowess as soon as people enter the building? Do you need a receiving area where field agents, tech clients, and front desk experts can get their work done on their own mobile devices when local cellular internet doesn't cut it? Reception design is centered around the reception desk, but here are many of the intertwined and co-dependent features that can turn a simple counter into a technology paradise.

Reception Desk Features To Empower The Lobby 

The reception desk can become an Information Technology (IT) help desk of sorts, and may even be where some entry level IT professionals can base their operations while helping out the reception team. If your business uses large displays, wireless internet, ticket systems, and other electronic features, you can create a backup and support area for all of those devices to make servicing much easier.

Maximize your reception area's technical options. While you don't want to put the core of your business at the front desk for security reasons, a computer dedicated specifically for system administrators and maintenance professionals can be added for easy access.

To pull this off, choose a receptionist desk that can house multiple computers with stability borders. These borders can be shelters or slots that can snugly fit a computer tower while allowing ventilation at the back or sides, which can keep the systems physically separate and safe from being kicked over.

The makeshift alternative is to buy any receptionist desk that has a lot of hollow leg room underneath. This can work, and your technical team could store a lot of equipment underneath, but accidents can happen if something is kicked or tripped over in what will surely become a random storage area.

Cabinet Space And Tech Storage

Reception desks with cabinet space can make the random storage problem much more easily managed. Just as with kitchen cabinets, these desks can be opened, closed, and even locked with separate compartments. Labeling certain objects for either storage or servicing becomes simple.

If you plan on using cabinets for storing specific control boards and other technical hub devices, be sure that there is ventilation and plenty of room for maintenance. Dust will collect fairly quickly in these closed in, but still high traffic areas, and your devices may overheat quickly if there's not enough moving air combined with heat-insulating dust.

Contact a reception desks and general business furniture professional to discuss other features that can help you take control of your front desk's technical performance and maintenance