Six Festive Ideas For Your 'Welcome-Home' Party

Planning to welcome home a student, soldier, or loved one? Throw them a 'welcome-home' party! Use some clever and celebratory suggestions to create a unique venue, as well as a meaningful event. Six festive ideas for your homecoming are: A big banner. The first thing that you need for a party is a big, bold banner; look for printing venues online that will custom-create the perfect sign for your event.

Two Reasons To Opt For Self-Storage Unit Insurance

When you rent self-storage space, the sales agent will typically ask whether you would like to purchase an insurance policy to cover your belongings. It may be tempting to decline the offer, especially if you already have renter's or homeowner's insurance. However, here are two important reasons why you should probably sign up: It Covers Flood Damage One reason people decide not to purchase insurance through the self-storage facility is that they believe their renter's or homeowner's insurance policy will cover any damage to their belongings.