Opening A Restaurant? How To Choose The Best Aprons For Your Kitchen

Nothing says "chef" like a good apron. When you walk into the kitchen of a fine restaurant, you expect to see the cooks decked out in custom aprons. It's a sign of success and lends uniformity so it doesn't seem like anyone could walk in off the street and instantly find their way into your cooking quarters. If you're opening your own restaurant and want to stock up on aprons for the chefs that you plan to hire, use the tips below to help you select chef-style aprons that are both stylish and functional.

Avoid Aprons That Loop Around The Neck

If you've ever worn an apron that stayed in place by looping around your neck, you might be familiar with how uncomfortable they can be. These kinds of aprons are fine for short-term use, but when you are talking about chefs who must spend long hours in the kitchen preparing all kinds of meals over a hot stove, it's easy to see why you might want to take a different route.

Some chefs who wear aprons with neck loops complain about a chafing effect. As the loop rubs against their skin, it can create a rash-like area that is sensitive and painful to the touch. This is definitely not something you want your crew to contend with.

Instead of purchasing these kinds of aprons, it's much better to go with a cross-back version. Cross-back aprons link over the shoulders, somewhat like a pair of overalls. This takes the pressure away from the neck area and distributes weight more evenly across the shoulders.

Opt For Clasps Over Strings

Traditional aprons typically use string closures to remain shut. The problem with the strings is that they easily come undone, leaving the material free to rub against the floor, pots on the stove, or even make its way into a huge pot of soup! As you can probably imagine, this is highly unsanitary, and if a customer happens to see this, they might become so disgusted that they leave the facility.

A better choice is to purchase aprons with a clasp enclosure. The clasp is adjustable to fit various sizes, and you won't have to constantly ask someone to tie your strings because they keep coming undone.

Buying the right aprons sets your restaurant up for success from the very beginning. Let these tips guide you into getting the kinds of aprons that your team will love. To learn more, contact a company like Country Quilts and Decor